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RC8x90 Rope and Chain Kit

RC8x90 Rope and Chain Kit

RC8x90 (5/16 inch x 300ft) + 18ft x 5/16 inch chain


Drum Winches are limited to what can fit on the drum!

Choosing the right drum winch for your boat should start here. Using the chart below:

  1. Determine the right diameter and length required for your vessel and anchoring situations.
  2. Choose the right GX Series drum winch to fit the rode desired.

The Rope-Rope is available in Double Braid Nylon or Hi Spec HMPE options.

Double Braid Nylon has excellent stretch without damaging the ropes fibres, which is why we supply nylon over polyester. RC indicates double braid nylon rope.

HMPE Hi Spec Rope is the same stuff used in 4×4 winches. It is stronger than steel per diameter and goes a long way to adding extra length per given drum size. All HMPE rope kits come with a double braid nylon tops shot for stretch. HSC indicated HMPE line. For more information on rope varieties click here.

Breaking Strain– Each run of rope is batch tested to ensure the breaking strains are accurate. Breaking strains on LSM supplied rope kits are noted in the chart below.

The Chain-LSM stock up to 20,000 meters of chain at any given time in 6, 8, 10, and 13mm short link. All our short link chains are Grade L and comply with the DIN766/A Standard sizing, it is burr free for a smooth finish. Stainless Steel chain is also available as are higher grades and other sizes not listed.

The Kits-All LSM Rope and chain kits are packaged in house and include 316SS D-shackles. We pull and cut the chain to measure rather than relying on a middleman “combo” supplier. This allows us to purchase the higher grade chain we want and ensures our customers are getting a quality product.


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