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Lone Star Marine Tender Winch

Lone Star Marine Tender Winch

NEW! Upgraded Lone Star Marine Tender Winch Range 2023 Models

Originally made in 2017, our Tender Winch range has just had a birthday! We have modified these to have a slightly wider frame and spool with an adjustable rope guard to prevent line from spilling over one side in an unmonitored situation.

The new Tender Winch series are available with 3 motor sizes for light to heavy duties.

  • GX-Tender 600 for car topper tinnies or small dinghy lift

  • GX-Tender 1000 for medium duties, larger dinghy’s and medium game hoist

  • GX-Tender 1500 (available in 12 or 24v) for the largest dinghy’s and tenders, larger fish & game hoist, fish box handling, marine rescue, ect.

In addition to the above uses, we have also matched the mounting holes to the popular Alco & Fulton hand crank trailer winches. This electric solution will drop right onto your boat trailer where your manual Alco or Fulton  used to be with no drilling required.  Add an LSM wireless remote or our *Trailer Pack and you can retrieve your boat fast and with power to spare on any ramp or beach.


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All varieties include:

  • Heavy Duty 6mm 316 stainless steel frame
  • 50mm solid 316 stainless steel middle shaft
  • Twin oversized shaft bearings for higher loads
  • Italian Made transmission with 98mm crown wheel
  • Adjustable rope guard
  • 15m (45ft) x HMPE rope plus hook
  • Solenoid, switch & circuit breaker
  • Backing plates & all mounting hardware

Tender Winch 2023 Model Spec Sheet

Drum Capacity Speed First Wrap Speed Top Wrap Recc Max Pull First Wrap Recc Max Pull Top Wrap Circuit Breaker Size Solenoid
GX-Tender 600 12v 15m x 6mm HMPE 15mpm 33mpm 250kg 115kg 80 amp Std 12v
GX-Tender 1000 12v 15m x 6mm HMPE 13mpm 30mpm 428kg 195kg 120 amp Std 12v
GX-Tender 1500 12v 15m x 6mm HMPE 10mpm 23mpm 634kg 288kg 150amp Albright 12v
GX-Tender 1500 24v 15m x 6mm HMPE 13mpm 30mpm 771kg 350kg 120 amp Albright 24v

*All Tender Winches include 15m x HMPE rope with lifting hook, solenoid, backing plate, mounting bolts, rocker switch panel and circuit breaker.

Tender Winch Assembly 600W


lone star marine tender winch

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GX-Tender 1000, GX-Tender 1500, GX-Tender 600

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