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Hammer Claw Galvenized

Hammer Claw Galvenized


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Sizes & Specifications

Hammer Claw Anchor Rec Boat Size (monohull) Appr. Weight Width at Head Inside Handle Length
Galvanized 5.5lbs Kayak 5.5lbs 9.5in 11.5in
Galvanized 11lbs Up to 17ft 11.5lbs 16in 12.5in
Galvanized 16.5lbs Up to 21ft 17.5lbs 18in 14.5in
Galvanized 22lbs Up to 27ft 24lbs 20.5in 16.5in
Galvanized 33lbs Up to 38ft 40lbs 24in 19.5in
Galvanized 44lbs Up to 48ft 55lbs 26.5in 26.5in
Galvanized 66lbs Up to 60ft 68lbs 27.5in 29in


Sea Floor / Substrate Suitability

Sea Floor Excellent Good Fine Fair Poor
Soft, Soupy Mud X
Firm Mud/Clay X
Grass Beds X
Hard Sand X
Gravel/Shale X
Rock/Reef/Boulders X

Additional information

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