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Shop electric drum Anchor Winches – GX Series are trusted by Commercial & Recreational fishermen Worldwide and has truly raised the bar for what customers can expect from their anchoring systems.

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GX6 Jumbo – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Supreme Anchoring with GX6 Jumbo: The GX6 Jumbo is a force to be reckoned with, offering unparalleled anchoring capabilities for boats exceeding 50ft. Its immense drum capacity is tailored for skippers who require significant lengths of nylon and chain. When the stakes are high, and the vessels are large, the GX6 Jumbo emerges as the definitive electric drum anchor winch, combining colossal strength with sophisticated design. With an Australian backbone and a global reach, this winch is for those who seek the ultimate in anchoring power and reliability.

GX6 – Jumbo

Dominate Anchoring with GX6 – Jumbo: The GX6 Jumbo is the ultimate solution for large-scale anchoring needs, perfect for commercial vessels and pleasure crafts up to 80ft. With a colossal 550mm drum and a single-stage gearbox, this winch is engineered for extreme loads and unfaltering performance. Its Australian-made design features a hefty 55mm shaft, a sturdy 10mm frame, and a 35mm stiffener to withstand the toughest marine conditions. Boasting fast drop/retrieval rates and an IP68 waterproof rating, the GX6 Jumbo stands as the nonpareil choice for superior anchoring power and durability on vast vessels.

GX5 – The Charter King Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Secure Anchoring with GX5 – The Charter King: The GX5, aptly named The Charter King, offers an anchoring solution that marries immense power with a lifetime of reliability. Suited for large capacity trailer boats and commercial fishermen, this winch is crafted for extreme loads, featuring a solid machined shaft and a reinforced frame. Embodying Australian ingenuity with its IP68 waterproof motor and oversized gearing, the GX5 ensures your anchoring is fast, safe, and robust. Trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike, this winch stands as a paragon of marine anchoring excellence.

GX4 – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Precision Anchoring with GX4: The GX4 Electric Drum Anchor Winch stands as a testament to versatility and strength on the open water. Ideal for working and larger pleasure crafts up to 40ft, the GX4 provides the ultimate anchoring precision with its substantial motor and reliable Italian-made transmissions. It’s not just about raw power; it’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your anchoring system can withstand the pressures of both saltwater and freshwater environments. Constructed in Australia with meticulous care, the GX4 is the professional’s choice for controlled and efficient anchoring.

GX3 – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Refined Anchoring with GX3: The GX3 Electric Drum Anchor Winch epitomizes efficiency and capacity within the same compact design. Tailored for boats up to 9m, this winch features a robust 1500W motor and a frame that allows for additional line capacity without expanding its footprint. Engineered for seamless performance, the GX3’s design integrates twin shaft bearing systems and a triple-sealed motor, ensuring fast, reliable anchoring in any condition. Australian-made and boasting an IP68 waterproof rating, this winch is a true marine anchoring system, ready to secure your vessel with unmatched reliability.

GX2 HD – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Advanced Anchoring with GX2 HD: Experience cutting-edge anchoring with the GX2 HD Electric Drum Anchor Winch. Designed for saltwater and freshwater giants up to 9m, the GX2 HD is an upgraded beast for your anchoring needs. Boasting a massive 1000W motor housed in a compact frame, this winch offers fast drop and retrieval without compromising power or performance. Australian craftsmanship ensures durability, while the innovative features set new standards for anchor winches. Suitable for a wide range of boats, the GX2 HD combines exceptional strength and speed, ensuring secure anchoring in any condition.

GX2 – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Optimized Anchoring with GX2: The GX2 Electric Drum Anchor Winch offers unmatched performance for trailer boat fishermen. Compact yet formidable, this winch boasts a 1000W motor capable of fitting boats up to 7m in saltwater scenarios. Its design focuses on rapid deployment and retrieval, offering peace of mind with its fully sealed motor and gearbox. Crafted with Australian precision, the GX2 winch includes a host of features that make anchoring not just a necessity but a pleasure. Choose the GX2 for an anchoring experience that is both powerful and refined.

GX1-P – Anchoring System for Pontoon and Deck Boats

Innovative Anchoring with GX1-P: Revolutionize your pontoon or deck boat anchoring with the GX1-P system, the first of its kind designed specifically for minimal deck space. Australian ingenuity shines in this compact unit, combining a powerful 600W motor with a sleek, pivoting bow sprit. This system is not only powerful but versatile, easily fitting on boats over 30ft and handling up to 40lb anchors. The GX1-P is a testament to adaptability and strength, ready to transform your anchoring experience with unmatched performance.

GX1 – Electric Drum Anchor Winch

Compact Power with GX1: Introducing the GX1, the pinnacle of compact anchoring systems. This trailblazing winch offers incredible power for its size, making it perfect for boats up to 6m. It’s designed to handle the rigors of both saltwater and freshwater with ease, thanks to its oversized gearing and a strong 600W motor. Despite its diminutive size, the GX1 doesn’t skimp on features, providing swift anchoring action and rugged reliability. Australian-made and engineered to excel, the GX1 is the winch of choice for boaters who demand the best in space efficiency and anchoring performance.

DDW 250

Maximize Your Deep Drop Fishing with DDW-250: Unlock the ocean’s depths with the DDW-250 Deep Drop and Down-Rigging unit. Engineered for serious anglers targeting the elusive giants lurking in the deep, this Australian-made powerhouse combines quiet operation with a robust digital line counter. With its massive line capacity and variable speed control, you’ll confidently bring Goliath catches back to shore. The DDW-250’s solid construction and innovative features, including a line proximity alarm and extensive braid and mono capacities, cater to the most ambitious deep-sea fishing endeavors. It’s not just a winch; it’s your ticket to brag-worthy catches from the deepest waters.

HDC Capstan

Effortless Hauling with HDC Capstan: Introducing the all-new Heavy Duty Capstan (HDC), a marvel of machining and durability. Made for the demanding sea environment, this capstan simplifies the hauling of cray pots with its powerful 1000w motor and intuitive design. Sporting a knurled, machined aluminum billet head, the HDC ensures maximum rope grip without damage. Whether for recreational or commercial use, this Australian-made capstan provides unmatched reliability, speed, and power, backed by a solid warranty and Italian transmissions. Elevate your marine operations with the HDC, where traditional meets exceptional.